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i lust for the wanderlust


Somehow I missed all the blogs and tweets about the Kickstarter campaign for the Travelwide 90 and 65 4x5 ultralight cameras. This is a bare bones, plastic, large-format 4x5 camera which is designed for a basic yet quality Schneider Angulon 90mm ƒ/6.8 lens, or the super wide 65. This thing is cool, my impulses are itching. Luckily, this puppy isn't shipping until this summer, which means I can't gain instant gratification... basically I'm holding out on this for now since I can't have it now, and my wallet is happy for it. But I'm not the only photo-geek lusting for the Wanderlust, the creators Ben Syverson and Justin Lundquist exceeded their $75,000 funding goal by $53,685, impressive.

Since the Kickstarter campaign is over, you'll have to order from their website, and at $150 for the standard kit (minus lens and holders and film) this really is a bargain for a 4x5 you can practically keep with you all the time.

Will the Travelwide improve my photography? No. Still, check out their Kickstarter video and head over to their website.

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handsome julian


This image makes me smile. Thank you Julian.

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bmx in muttrah


Had a fun time photographing Joel in Muttrah a few weeks back. A great place to shoot, and I definitely have plans for more shoots here.

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