exhibition 2013 | higher college of technology


Everybody is invited to this year's graduating class exhibition. The students have worked extremely hard over the past two years to get to this point, and 2013 has produced some exceptional photographers. Wishing them all the success. Come by Bait al Baranda on Monday to see some of their work.

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wedding photography oman | muscat portraits | crowne plaza


Wedding season is approaching Muscat, and that is a good thing. This means cooler weather, and more time outdoors... What more do you want?

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the swinger


Shooting a russian made camera is an exercise in patients, and my Horizon S3 pro is no exception. However, once you work through the issues you are rewarded with a fun camera that always starts up a conversation.

The first hurdles you need to jump through relate to recording medium, film. Yes, FILM, 35mm to be more precise. This baby accepts that long lost, light sensitive, gelatin based roll of magic. Obtaining this cassette of witchcraft is still quite easy, albeit a little more expensive now. Online, one can find film at B&H, Amazon, or at your local photography store. I prefer to shoot print film with the Horizon because the wide latitude of the film pairs nicely with the extremely wide angle of view this camera produces, specifically Kodak Ektar 100 and 400. Once you get your paws on the film, you get to figure out how to load the mouse trap. Tips: get yourself a long lead of film from the cassette (about 5 inches); follow the diagram, if the film can go under something, it probably needs to; keep with you something long and thin like a knife or a toothpick for retrieving the film leader to attach it the the take-up spool, I keep a pocket knife on me for this purpose.

Now that you are locked and loaded, familiarize yourself with the simple controls. You have shutter speed, aperture, the shutter release, the frame advance and that's it! Set your shutter speed first, advance your frame, and then you will have access to the aperture settings. Be sure to brush up on your Basic Daylight Exposure skills, because there is no meter here.

There are some quirky things with this camera. First, in bright sunlight the lens sometimes leaks light into the camera. The best fix for this is to keep the camera inside a bag until you want to use it. I find the bag which came with the camera good enough... It's thin, small, and simple; problem solved. The second quirk is with the swing lens. In the early days of my shooting I always was able to get my fingers in the frame, annoyingly. The best solution, other than using the stupid hand grip, is to keep a tripod quick-release in the tripod socket. Hold onto this when handholding and you won't find any stray fingers photobombing your frame. Naturally, tripod shooting is the recommended mode of operation, however inconvenient and no fun.

The Horizon S3 is a landscape camera and focuses at infinity, making anything closer than about ten feet out of focus. But most importantly, don't let these limitations hamper you, use them to your advantage! However, my best tip is: learn to curse in Russian, take a shot of vodka, and have fun.

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mutrah souq treasure hunt | centre for omani dress


I do a little volunteer work for the Centre for Omani Dress, who is having a really neat treasure hunt fund raiser on November 9th. Check it out.

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i left my heart in san francisco | horizon s3 pro | panoramic camera


Watching the America's Cup Finals over the past few weeks has brought back many memories. For me, San Francisco is a real special place, which I visited many times over the course of my life.

Spending many "summer" days racing on the bay I know exactly how that water feels when it pours down the inside of your jacket while the wind whistles through the rigging at 26 knots. I can taste and feel the salt in my hair as I try to make myself look presentable for the yacht club party after a day of trying not to fall off the bow of a sail boat. I wish so much I could have been there, on the water, to watch Team USA perform a miracle.

I have also been fortunate enough to intimately explore the city accompanied by my russian made, Horizon S3 pro panoramic camera. Throughout 2007 I took advantage of my surplus wages, cheap flights, long weekends, and adventurous spirit to explore the emerging brew pub scene around the city, with camera in tow. I visited places like The Beach Chalet, 21st Amendment, Magnolia, and Thirsty Bear for quenching masterpieces. These places were not my photographic focus, but rather my vehicle, taking me across the city by foot and public transportation to new and exciting views.

Only an handful of my images reside on my computer, leaving the rest locked in silver halide crystals to be re-discoverd sometime in the future.

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