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Wow, the Petronas Towers are amazingly beautiful, and it was a struggle to capture them in a unique way which still showed off their beauty. There is a neighboring tower which climbs to about half the height of the towers. This tower is ugly and has an obnoxious brightly lit sign at the top. Very distraction and extremely frustrating. Luckily I was able to use the challenge to my advantage, and make some nice images. Low-light is when the Petronas Towers really come to life.

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kapas island | malaysia travel photography


Kapas Island was a true gem. I don't want to say too many great things about the island for fear it will get over crowded like it's neighbors. I guess that is a bit selfish, but the local islanders feel the same say. Captain's Longhouse was my residence and I very much enjoyed the family style dinners and atmosphere the establishment attracted. Actually, I moved from a more expensive private room at another place to the dorms in the Longhouse because it was so great. The best times were the evenings, sipping cheap rum, and watching the locals swing fire around with skill. I hope to travel back next year and stay a couple weeks.

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