ha long bay


Ha Long Bay was on the top of my "to see" list in Vietnam, and it did not disappoint. The government controls the area well, and it shows, with both good and bad aspects, naturally. The good, is the protection... tens of thousands of visitors seek to be amazed by the natural wonder which would be damaged if no regulation was enacted. The bad, is you are forced to take approved cruises which I felt were limited to only a small portion of the area. Our cruise was a 2 day, 1 night parade... we left the harbor at the same time as the other companies, visited the same sites as other boats, and anchored at night sharing the same water. I guess as a photographer I wanted my own little piece of Ha Long Bay just to myself to photograph and control. The cruise is designed to give the maximum activities in the least amount of time, not my idea of good time, but the trip was worth it and the travelers good company.

We almost didn't get to go on the adventure because of the weather, the previous day's trip was canceled. However, God was on our side giving us warm rays and beautiful skies. The first image was photographed using my Singh-Ray LB Warming Polarizer with a handheld 2-stop hard-step Graduated ND filter. I wanted the clouds to pop and hold the detail in the boat. The second image was taken from the sun deck of our boat with the last touches of light, and no filtration.

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