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I was out the door early yesterday at 0400 to grab some morning light in Mazari, Oman.  Mazari is very close to Quriyat right at the foot step of Wadi Dayqah Dam.  I was testing my new filters from Singh-Ray, finally.  These things are sweet and they are exactly what I have been missing for years.  The results are like night and day, and fully represent what my eye was capturing.  These are not "magic" filters which crate somethig which doesn't exist, but rather help me further and more precisely control light more like the way the human eye and brain see light. The low resolution images here don't do any justice.  I can fully wrap my brain around proper use and technique when applying the filters, but it will take more practice to quickly grab the shot I am after while juggling the new tools.  I'm now praying for some dramatic weather to put the cherry on top.

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Blogger The Burts said...

Wow!! Very nice I gotta get up and out earlier from now on!

May 3, 2012 at 3:08 AM  

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